Kapakanan ng teroristang NPA, mas pinapaboran ng grupong Gabriela!

A known militant group is now crying foul regarding the government’s attack on some members of New People’s Army in Batangas. Because one of their members was included on the death list

People now are going crazy because when these terrorists attacked the government forces and a 4-month-old baby was a casualty they did not even move a hand to condemn the said attack.

Now they have the audacity to cry foul?! and guess what?! they are now asking the Commission on Human Rights to investigate the said incident.

The said group is Gabriela who urged the Commission on Human Rights to probe if the deaths in a clash between state forces and the New People’s Army in Batangas violated international humanitarian law after a photo shared on a Facebook page linked to the Armed Forces raised doubts on the military’s accounts of events.
Fifteen people were killed in an operation by the Philippine National Police and the Air Force in Nasugbu, Batangas last November 28. Among the casualties was student leader and Gabriela Youth UP Manila officer Josephine Lapira.

A photo of Lapira posted on the Legal Army Wives Facebook page showed her dead body on the ground wrapped in bloody blankets. Gabriela said this was in contrast to the Armed Forces’ claim that she was brought to a hospital for treatment.

“We hold the PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) responsible for revealing the name of Josephine Lapira… without the family’s express consent. We denounce the AFP for releasing a photo through Legal Army Wives Facebook page showing Lapira’s dead body on the ground wrapped in bloody blankets.”
Under the Geneva Convention, which covers the treatment of prisoners of war, those taking no active part in the hostilities, including those out of action due to sickness, wounds, detention or any other cause, “shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria.” The wounded and sick shall also be collected and cared for.

The Philippines is a signatory to the Geneva Convention.

Gabriela called on the CHR to conduct a thorough and independent probe into the incident “to help the families in their quest for justice.” Results of the investigation could help in filing cases of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law against the police and military units involved.

Gabriela Secretary General Joms Salvador said they have gathered first-hand information alleging to the brutal manner of the deaths and the desecration of the remains.

“The haphazard handling of the crime scene investigation points to a whitewash, amid initial reports that also point to the excessive use of force and overkill on the part of AFP and PNP operatives… Such handling casts doubt on the manner and conduct of the operation, especially since the PNP and AFP are notorious in planting and concocting so-called evidence in order to file trumped-up charges against their numerous victims in their counterinsurgency operations,” Salvador said.

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